About our Homestead

Our homestead is in the North West region of South Africa. Our summers can be very hot with temperatures of over 30°C and an average summer rainfall of about 600 mm per year. Winter temperatures are around 18°C during the day and the nights can be quite cold with temperatures going below 0°C causing frost damage and even water pipes bursting outside the house.

What we are doing on our homestead

Here we are raising Saanen milk goats…

…as well as chickens and growing our own fresh produce to experience the joy of being more self-sustainable. We are also completely making use of solar energy for electricity and enjoy using the Ellis Deluxe wood stove during winter. The same stove that I use for drying fresh herbs as well as drying lemon rinds for making Homemade Lemon Pepper!

Our Ellis De Luxe woodstove

Makarmi Goat Milk Soap and Lip Balm

Since November 2016 we have started developing our own Makarmi Goat Milk Soap range made from our own raw goats’ milk as well as our own natural Makarmi Lip Balm made from beeswax and luxury oils.

Both our soap and lip balm is now available for purchase on our website Makarmi natural goat milk soap.

Queen Esther Goat Milk Soap @Markarmi Soap Range
Queen Esther Goat Milk Soap @Markarmi Goat Milk Soap Range

Making Cheese

At a certain time of the year, we have lots and lots of milk available from our milk goats. More than we can drink. Therefore apart from making soap, we are also using our own raw goat milk for making cheese. So far we have tried our hand at Feta cheese and Ricotta cheese.

All in the spirit of being more self-sustainable! 


Feel free to join us on our journey of trials and errors on our homestead. We appreciate any positive homesteading ideas from fellow homesteaders! You are welcome to share your comments in the “Thoughts” section on any of the posts on this blog.

Please note that as a daily homesteader and “do-it-yourself” stay-at-home mother I have quite a busy day every day. I will respond to your e-mails as soon as possible and know that I value your questions and inputs.

Elisabeth van der Merwe  

2 Th 3:10 “If any would not work, neither should he eat.”


5 thoughts on “About our Homestead

  1. Good day.
    We are about to relocate to a small farm in the NW ourselfs. My aim will be to be self sustained aswell without being seen as a nut-case but as someone who uses the available resources. We are now in the prepairing phase…will put fences up in July ’18…. and start building Dec’18…
    Living off the grid with solar and biogas.
    We will also start a journal ( facebook) to help us and others to see the mistakes and what can be done ….

    1. Congratulations on your “lekkerboerdery”! May it be a “lekker” experience that will inspire others to do the same! We will look for you on facebook and look forward to reading more about the biogas!

  2. Wow julle die seep is awesome. Ek was en scrub met dit. So sag op my vel. Love dit. Die lotion bar is n moet he.

    My meisies is mal oor die lip balm. Ek kan ook sien dat my kleinste se ekseem al klaar beter lyk. Ek was so beindruk met aflewering. Vanaf Moedwill na Wes-kaap en ek het dit binne n dag ontvang by my huis.

    Dis awesome. Dankie Julle vir die goeie produkte.

  3. Hello
    What a surprise to find like minded people on our doorstep. Or it will be anyway.
    My hubby and I have decided to take the plunge and be homesteaders. This is a passion of both of ours and we are moving to North West soon.
    We would really appreciate it if you were willing to share what you have learned
    on your journey.
    We are both in our 50s so children grown and only us 2 to look after.
    Kind regards
    Sharon van den Berg

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