Does Goat Milk Soap smell like goat?

Koffie Skuur Goat Milk Soap @Makarmi Soap RangeDoes Goat Milk Soap smell like goat?

If you are wondering what Goat Milk Soap smell like, you have come to the right place. We have been using goat milk soap since November 2016 and to get to the point quickly, no… goat milk soap does not smell like goat! It smells good, and clean and fresh. If essential oils have been added to the soap, then it smells like the essential oil. Personally, I prefer all our products as natural as possible with just a hint of the nice aroma associated with essential oils.

Why and how is this possible?

I believe that the method used in making soap (especially goat milk soap) is very important. On our homestead we prefer using the cold process method. The reason for this is that you do not want to destroy any of the good vitamins and minerals in the milk by using high temperatures. The cold process method allows me to freeze the goat’s milk and keep the temperature of the luxury oils close to room temperature.

Another important point is that after saponification,  you do not sit with goat milk and oils separately, but rather a completely new product called soap…that does not smell like goat or milk.

Queen Esther Goat milk soap @ Makarmi goat milk soap range
Queen Esther Goat milk soap @ Makarmi goat milk soap range

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