How to use our Makarmi Shampoo Bars

Makarmi Shampoo Bars @ Homesteading in South Africa

My personal experience on using our Makarmi shampoo bars

I have been using our own, natural, homemade Makarmi shampoo bars for a while now. In the beginning I struggled a bit with the bar (being used to liquid shampoo since forever) and to build up enough lather. But now I am hooked.

Healthy scalp equals healthy hair

For the first time in my life my scalp is not feeling sensitive, itchy or irritable and the hair strands feel stronger than ever before. It took two weeks for my scalp to become used to producing normal oil levels as store bought shampoos chemically strip all the natural oils from your hair, causing your scalp to compensate by over producing oil. I was just about to give up and switch back to my normal store bought shampoo but luckily I didn’t. Another thing I had to get used to was the apple cider vinegar rinse that I now use as a conditioner. I have added a few lavender drops to disguise the smell of the diluted apple cider and now my hair feels softer, healthier and more natural than ever before. I find that I do not need to use conditioner anymore. If the tips of my hair look dry, I just rub half a teaspoon of coconut oil between my hands and apply this to the dry ends. My hair have always thrived on using coconut oil.

How to use the shampoo bar

Rinse your hair thoroughly with warm water making sure your hair and scalp is completely soaked. You can either rub the soap bar directly onto your hair or you can first rub it between your hands to build up some lather. Find the way that works best for you. The right way for washing your hair is to cleanse your scalp by starting to build up lather at the roots, working your way down. Remember, you need less shampoo at the tips of your hair. The hair closest to the scalp is the oiliest while the end of the hair is the driest and most susceptible to breakage. Do not worry if the shampoo does not lather like other shampoos. There is no foaming agents (SLS) in our soap and you do not need lather to have clean hair.

You do not need a lot

Last but not least, do not use too much shampoo. The biggest mistake I made was by using too much soap to try and build up a lather like you get with store bought shampoo. This left my hair looking oily and feeling sticky. Remember, this is specifically designed, natural shampoo bars that will keep your hair naturally healthy, strong and shiny for as long as you use it. Therefore you do not need a lot for one use.

Be patient

It might take a while to get used to washing your hair with a shampoo bar instead of liquid shampoo. Your scalp will also need time to adjust. Just be patient and remember, you are doing yourself a favor by not exposing yourself to harmful chemicals anymore that strip all the natural oils from your hair.

Everybody’s hair is different. The secret is to find the right shampoo bar that works for your type of hair. We are still developing different recipes to suit different hair types.

After washing your hair

After washing your hair with the shampoo bar I recommend using an apple cider vinegar rinse.

For dry hair use 1 part apple cider vinegar and 1 part water.

For oily hair use 1 part apple cider vinegar and 4 parts water.

You can even add a few drops of your favorite essential oil for instance Lavender is good for oily hair or Rosemary for darker hair. Do not worry about the apple cider vinegar smell. I find that by the time my hair is dry, the smell is also gone.


Our aim is always to keep our products as natural as possible as we believe that it is all about being more natural. The essential oils that I use in the shampoo bars promotes healthy, dandruff-free scalp because I believe that healthy scalp equals healthy hair growth. The luxury oils contribute to better cleansing whilst not drying out the hair, but contributing to strong, shiny hair strands.


Please test any of our products on a small area of your skin before using. Most of our products contains oils made from nuts as well as various essential oils.


People with color treated hair should take care when using this product to ensure that it does not remove the color. Test it first.

Packaging and size

Like all our other soap in the Makarmi Goat Milk Soap range, we package the shampoo bars in brown paper bags. This allows the soap to continue air drying even after it has been packaged. The bars weigh around 100 g each.

Other sizes and flavors available

All our shampoo bars are also available in loaves weighing about 900 gram. We cut these loaves into 8 bars. We suggest that you first try out one shampoo bar to make certain that it works for your type of hair and that you like the aroma. For hygienic reasons we do not accept any returns.

Our shampoo bars are also available in unscented flavors.


We make all our natural goat milk soaps from the Makarmi Goat Milk Soap range on our homestead from our own raw goats’ milk in small batches. The shampoo bars does not contain any goat’s milk at this stage. We have limited stock available but excellent quality. Because the soaps are handmade, they may differ in size, weight and appearance. This should not be seen as a defect, but it rather contributes to the intrinsic appeal of handmade products. We weigh the soap bars after 21 days of curing.  We develop and test all the recipes ourselves and fine-tune them to perfection. Above all, we use the soap, lip balms and shampoo bars in our own household. For this reason, we will never sell a product that we are not completely satisfied with.


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