Makarmi Goat Milk Soap Range

Queen Esther Goat Milk Soap
Makarmi Goat Milk Soap Range

It is all about being more Natural…

We are delighted to introduce our very own Makarmi Goat Milk Soap Range. The name was derived from our daughters’ names: Mariesa, Karli and Mienki.

About our raw goat milk soap:

All our raw goat milk soap are handmade on our homestead in small batches, therefore limited stock is available but ensuring excellent quality. Because the Makarmi Goat Milk Soap are handmade, they might differ in size, weight and appearance. This should not be seen as a defect, but it rather contributes to the intrinsic appeal of handmade products. Best of all, we use the natural goat milk soap in our own household! All the recipes are tested by us ourselves and fine-tuned to perfection. We will never sell a product that we are not completely satisfied with. Last of all, we make all the soap with our own raw goats’ milk and some luxury oils as well as essential oils that are beneficial to your skin. We take pride in our work and the end result matters to us.

The story behind the story

We bought our first milk goats when our children were just babies. Our middle daughter, Karli, suffered from eczema and when she started crawling, she would scratch the bridges of her feet against the carpet until it bled. I took her to a doctor who told me she had to “outgrow” it… He prescribed some cortisone ointment which did not help at all…

At that stage, we did not know about goat milk soap and we were only drinking the milk. If only we knew!

It was only ten years later that I tried for the first time to make goat milk soap. By then Karli still struggled with eczema and the soles of her feet were permanently cracked open and painful. She felt embarrassed about it and would barely walk barefoot, always wearing socks and shoes. Even in the middle of the summer heat while her sisters were having fun barefoot.

After using the first batch of raw goat milk soap her feet healed incredibly! After all the years of unnecessary inconvenience!

I believe that God created everything and that everything God created is good. I also believe that He provided everything we humans need to live a happy and healthy life, in nature and in the Bible. We need only look for it!

Why raw goat milk?

  • Goat milk is packed with vitamins and minerals particularly vitamin A which helps to repair damaged skin.
  • It is rich in caprylic acid which soothes and rejuvenates the skin.
  • Goat milk contains high amounts of alpha hydroxy acid (AHA) which removes dead skin cells and is believed to stimulate collagen and elastin production.
  • It is perfect for acne-prone skin because of its anti-bacterial properties.
  • Goat milk contains selenium which scientists believe help protect the skin against sun damage as well as skin cancer.
  • It contains high amounts of natural fats and proteins which makes it ideal for eczema, sensitive skin, mature skin, dry and very dry skin
  • Anyone can use raw, natural goat milk soap and benefit from it!

Products available

Update on 18 February 2019:

We have created a new website specifically for selling our goat milk soaps and other skincare products. You can order our products from Makarmi natural goat milk soap.

Queen Esther Goat Milk Soap 

Queen Esther Goat Milk Soap @Markarmi Soap Range

“Koffie Skuur” Goat Milk Soap

Koffie Skuur Goat Milk Soap @Makarmi Soap Range

Heidi Goat Milk Soap (Plain)Makarmi Goat Milk Soap Range are available for purchase from Homesteading in South Africa

Ruth Goat milk Soap

Ruth goat milk soap

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