Is it possible to be more self-sustainable?

Is it possible to be more self-sustainable? I believe so!

Sustainable fresh food produce
Be More Self-Sustainable

We grow and produce all of the above food on our own homestead to be more self-sustainable!

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Bet you don’t see onions like this every day!


Previous harvests…

Fresh herbsFrom herbs like parsley, oregano, thyme, mint, basil and peppers to vegetables like spinach, different kinds of lettuce, tomatoes and strawberries, and don’t forget the milk that we get from our Saanen Milk Goats and the eggs and meat from our chickens! I also make butter, Feta and Ricotta cheese. Haven’t tried yogurt yet but it is on my to-do-list!

Is it hard work?

No, not hard work, just persistently doing small things every day to keep everything running smoothly. We do all our work ourselves between my husband and me and our three daughters.

Do you need to buy a lot of equipment to get started on living a more self-sustainable life?

Definitely not! Use what you have in and around the house. Start small. I prefer one or two healthy tomato plants in a pot that delivers lots of delicious succulent tomatoes over a whole garden full of pests and problems. Figure out how much your family eat and plant accordingly. I have noticed that six plants of lettuce, spinach and tomatoes are too much for our family of five. I’d rather plant only two of each and use the rest of the space for pumpkins or cucumbers or some other crop that needs more space to grow.

We are constantly striving to become more self-sufficient. We are living about 50% off the grid at the moment and are always looking for more ways to move away from store-bought product and rather improvise or produce it ourselves.

Solar system

My husband have installed our 1,5 kW solar system himself and we have been using this “free” alternative energy since June 2015 when we said goodbye and good riddance to Eskom. Since then, we haven’t looked back! With a few adjustments to our lifestyle it is possible to do everything that requires electricity during the day while the sun is still shining. In the beginning we needed to become a bit more organized and plan our days so that everything gets done in time. For instance the pump that we use for the borehole uses 1,4 kW, so when the pump is running I can’t turn on the oven as well. And no more ironing….yeahhhh!

I will write more in depth about our solar system in a later post.

Our Solar Panels



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